Distributor Application

To become a KEKLIKOGLU Dealer;
First of all, the dealer application and information form below must be filled in completely. As a result of the control of your information, our authorized friends will contact you. After your dealership is approved, a dealership agreement will be sent to you. After this contract is signed by the authorized person of the company, it will be sent to our address below as a wet signature and stamped with the following additional documents.
Mimarsinan OSB. Kastim St. No:16/B 38350 / KAYSERİ / TURKEY Phone: 444 88 89

Photocopy of Tax Plate, Copy of Company Owner’s Identity Card, Notarized signature statement, Address registration document

Photocopy of tax plate, Notarized circular of signature * Copy of Trade Registry Record * Photocopy of Registry Gazette (showing the establishment of the company, partnership structure, and the latest status if there is any change) * Photocopy of the Identity Card of the partners, Address registration document

Pre-Application Requirements to Become a Dealer
1-Dealer candidate must submit a document proving that he is buying and selling laboratory materials.
2-It should document that he has employed at least 1 technical staff in his staff.
Issues to be Considered in the Dealership Application

1-Company documents must contain a document stating that you are buying and selling laboratory materials, and you must have the personnel to service the models/models you intend to sell.

2- All pages of the contract must be stamped and signed by the company owners (signature in the signature circular will be used).

3-The stamped and wet-signed dealership agreement and the required additional documents must be delivered to us by mail/courier or by hand.

Reseller Application Form Download Steps

1-Download and fill out the Dealership Application Form in the link. Download the Dealership Application Form

2-Submit the Dealership Application Form File that you have filled in, by uploading it via the form below.