For over 100 years, KEKLİKOĞLU PLASTİK has been a trusted name in the wholesale sector, upholding a tradition of trade and morality passed down through generations. Renowned for our expertise in crafting high-quality products, we initially offered a diverse range of items, including toy balls, trinkets, sculptures, decorative pools, frames, and souvenirs.

In the year 2000, Keklikoğlu Plastik embarked on a groundbreaking journey of research and development in the realm of human anatomy models. Beginning with the production of insightful demo models, we rapidly advanced our manufacturing capabilities through invaluable guidance from esteemed anatomist instructors. Our unwavering commitment lies in achieving the utmost precision in replicating human anatomy, ensuring that our handcrafted models accurately capture the intricate complexities of the human body.

Driven by our dedication to meeting educational needs, we have listened to the demands and insights of faculty members, recognizing the critical role of patient simulation in enhancing the learning experience for healthcare providers. In 2010, we ventured into the importation and distribution of superior patient simulators sourced from international markets. However, our pursuit of excellence did not stop there. In 2014, we proudly transitioned to domestic production, offering a wide selection of patient simulators. With a strong commitment to innovation, our models integrate the latest technology and cutting-edge advancements, delivering immersive and high-fidelity medical simulation.

Our diverse range of products includes human anatomy models, veterinary models, food replicas, and patient simulators. We proudly serve the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, and Health Sciences, as well as institutions and organizations affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

We operate with our own design, software, and R&D departments, which enable us to create models under our brand name, SIM-MOD. These models emphasize our commitment to innovation and uniqueness in the industry. Our primary goal is to offer great value, affordability, and easy access to our customers. We provide a robust guarantee for quality assurance and peace of mind. Our dedicated after-sales technical support and extensive expertise further strengthen our commitment to providing comprehensive assistance.
As a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our company proudly holds ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction, and CE certificates.
Join us in our journey to transform healthcare training through simulation. Together, let’s shape the future of healthcare by empowering the next generation of healthcare professionals with innovative training solutions that elevate their knowledge, skills, and confidence ultimately leading to safer patient care and improved global healthcare outcomes.

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Our company, which has thrived in the wholesale trade for more than a century, is grounded in a heritage of business ethics passed down through generations.

In 1990, the family's 4th generation embarked on a transformative journey into the manufacturing sector. Gaining a design patent registration, our company pioneered toy ball manufacturing in Turkey. Simultaneously, we delved into crafting figurines and sculptures.

In the late 1990s, driven by a surge in imports and quality issues, we transitioned from the plastic industry to seek new opportunities. Under the guidance of anatomy professors, we began crafting anatomical models.

In recognition of the critical role patient simulators play in healthcare education, we ventured into the importation and distribution of superior patient simulators sourced from international markets.

Following extensive R&D efforts within the company, we initiated the production of plastic components for simulation models. This strategic move not only closed the domestic production gap in simulation models, but also expanded our focus beyond anatomical models.

Responding to the rising demand for simulation and anatomical models in healthcare education, our company has moved to a new 7500 m2 facility, expanding our production capacity.

We started developing simulation models to meet the training needs of the first aid and emergency education units within the Provincial Health Directorates, and other medical institutions.

We launched a transformative journey by initiating the development of advanced interactive medical simulators. We set new standards in medical education technology by meticulously crafting these simulators, incorporating both software and hardware support through our dedicated IT department.